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About Acacia Home

Acacia home is a brand that creates home accents such as cushion covers in a range of sizes, runners for table and beds, table covers, mats and napkins.

Acacia was started by Shivani Gogia who herself is a textile designer. We started in 2008, the whole idea of starting with this line of products was to bring good quality, high on craftsmanship to homes, so that people could dress up their homes, make them look classy and elegant.

High on colour coordination we make our collections – so that they blend into each other and create beautiful vibe in any interior space.

We believe and thrive on the fact that our clients should be happy with their selections and satisfied with the quality of our products.

New beginnings… with 2020 we took this time to transform and grow and open up new avenues… acacia home is so happy to step into this new world where we can bring our collection to you in the comfort of your home and your time.

We present our new collections and would be delighted for you to indulge and dress up your home ! The acacia way.